Advanced IPL Hair Removal

Getting to the root of the problem

Advanced IPL Hair Removal

How it works

The revolutionary treatment involves light pulses that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by Melanin (Pigment) present in the hair. The heat produced by the light destroys the hair follicules, causing the hair to fall out.

Over a course of treatments IPL can result in permanent hair reduction and in some cases complete hair removal.

IPL is one of the most effective, virtually pain free hair reduction treatments available.

Hair Removal Benefits
  • Non-surgical and virtually pain free
  • Safe for face and body treatment
  • Special head for Asian skin
  • Highly treated hair removal in all areas
  • Outstanding results after just a few sessions
  • Suitable for most skin types
  • Ingrown hair reduced.

*FREE consultation and patch test.

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Tired of unwanted hair?
IPL is the most effective long-term solution to hair removal for men and women.

Sara Kandola

Treatments for women

Treatment Prices Starting From
Central Brow £2.50
Upper Lip £15
Chin £23
Full Face £45
Underarms £30
Bikini Line £40
Hollywood £55
Half Legs £75

Treatments for men

Treatment Prices Starting From
Central Brow £2.50
Central Brow + Top £20
Beard Line (Top and Bottom) £40
Nose £25
Ears £30

Courses of 6 - 8 sessions are usually recommended.

Super lases hair removal

Treatment Prices Per Session
Full arms £50
Full legs £60
Mens/female back £50
Mens/female chest £50